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Category: Staff Spotlight

Crave Beauty Academy Aug 21 2018

The inspiring staff spotlight for this month is all about Katie Schroer, one of the esthetics instructors at Crave Beauty Academy at the Ballwin, Missouri campus. She enjoys working as both an instructor and a professional esthetician, so she brings a lot to the table for our school.

Crave Beauty Academy Jun 21 2018

Jessy Orth is the associate director of our Wichita campus, and we had a great time hearing her story this month! She’s been with Crave Beauty Academy for over ten years, and even completed her education here before she was hired!

Crave Beauty Academy May 09 2018

This month’s spotlight is on Mary Penrose, or Mrs. Penrose as she’s known to her students. We had the chance to interview her and get to know how she helps to make Crave an outstanding experience for all of our students!

Crave Beauty Academy Apr 12 2018

Morgan Waugh is no exception! She’s been with Crave for around six years, and makes a huge daily impact on the school and the students in it. She wears many different hats for Crave Beauty Academy, so you’ll likely bump into her all the time!

Crave Beauty Academy Mar 14 2018

Stacey Peters is the Senior Director here at Crave. She’s an amazing worker and a friend to all. Today we want to take the time to recognize Stacey and the incredible person she is.

Crave Beauty Academy Oct 18 2017

What are the key ingredients that go into making a beauty school great? Staff members, instructors, and even the students play a role in whether or not a school is a success or a failure. All of these people are the ingredients of the beauty school, but the owner is the chef that brings all those ingredients together to create something special.