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St. Louis – Ballwin, Missouri Campus

Beauty industry opportunities are endless.  As you develop your career, more doors will open up and you could become a platform artist, the owner or manager of a salon or spa, an educator, a manufacturing consultant, an artistic director or a retail specialist.  Or if you like more of the spotlight, you may want to work with photography, commercial media and print, design a model’s hair for the runway, become a stylist for the stars or work in print, television, opera, theater, ballet, or film.  You will be able to check out all the opportunities that are available to you!
Crave Beauty Academy is located in St. Louis West County, Ballwin Missouri.  Crave encompasses a state of the art 18,900 square feet facility,  with four large classrooms, one professional guest service area, private Spa Pedicure room and Nail care area, private Spa and Skin care service area, and administrative offices.  Classrooms, restrooms, student lounge, guest service area and work spaces are handicap equipped.  
Crave Beauty Academy is within walking distance of public transportation system, day care facility, restaurants, grocery store and numerous apartment complexes.
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“It was a pleasure being a student at Crave Beauty Academy. I have been taught how to be a proficient and confident esthetician and couldn’t have asked for a better school. I’ve received top of the line training and am so very happy!" Marche C., graduate

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