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Student Disclosures and Consumer Information

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Student Handbook

Annual Security Report

Gainful Employment Disclosure Template Cosmetology Full-time Program

Gainful Employment Disclosure Template – Cosmetology Part-time Program

Gainful Employment Disclosure Template- Esthetics Full-time Program

Gainful Employment Disclosure Template – Esthetics Part-time Program

Net Price Calculator


Student Handbook

Annual Security Report

**New Esthetics Part-time program – GE disclosures

Gainful Employment Disclosure Template- Cosmetology

Gainful Employment Disclosure Template – Cosmetology Part-time

Gainful Employment Disclosure Template – Esthetics

Net Price Calculator

Students are able to purchase the required supplies and kit items on their own, as long as having all items on the Student kit list.  All kit/supplies must be preapproved prior to bringing items in the Academy due to safety, sanitation and insurance purposes.  Student and class kits will be ordered and arrive when Student files have been completed and payment for kit items has been paid.  Kits will be distributed as a full class.

NACCAS 2022 outcomes for the institution are as follows; Graduation rate – 87.76%, Placement rate – 72.09% and Licensure rate – 98.46%. For specific program rates please see the student handbook under each program page. For more details contact the campus.


The following plan outlines the steps taken and procedures that are in place to assure the prevention if Identity Theft for our Students, Staff and Clients.

The areas assessed for risk were student records accessed by staff members, employee records accessed by business office employees and client information obtained from point of sale at the front desk. These potential risk areas and the policies that have been put in place to eliminate the risks, are to be monitored by the campus Directors who oversee the employees and the procedures to maintain the records that contain personal information. Each campus is to schedule an annual Identity Theft Prevention and FERPA training program for their entire staff.  These trainings should occur during a regular scheduled in-service training beginning in 2009.  All campus computers must have current/ updated Virus and Spy ware software. Employees are not allowed to take any records out of the building containing personal information unless authorized by the campus director. Employee access passwords should be strong individual passwords. Common words, birthdays and the like should be avoided and passwords should be changed at regular intervals.


Family Educational Rights/Privacy Act/Student File Access- Crave Beauty Academy fully complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.  This act provides that students and former students may inspect and review their educational records maintained by the school.  All students are guaranteed the right to access their grades and records accumulated in their student file (a parent/guardian would be afforded the same rights if the student were a minor).  At the time of such access and review, an instructor shall be present for the interpretation of the records.  A student must request in writing that the school Director make the file available for such inspection.  Students are advised that state and government agencies will have access to the students’ files to conduct program reviews and inspections.  Upon enrollment, the student will review and authorize a permission slip detailing this information.  Crave Beauty Academy will not release information without a written consent form.  Student records will be maintained for a minimum of five years.

Student Admission Files:  All student admission records shall be kept on site at the campus.  Admission files are kept in a locked file cabinet in the Directors office. Access to these files is limited to administrative staff.  Staff members must have completed the FERPA policy training packet before access can be granted.

These files must contain the following. a. Application for admissions, b. Copy of Birth certificate, c. Copy of high school diploma, G.E.D or transcript, d. Enrollment Agreement, e. Information Authorization, f. Student Right to Know acknowledgement, g. Entrance exam, h. Receipts for all kit/tuition payments, i. Progress reports, Advising forms, L.O.A. request.

Student Academic Files:  All student Academic records shall be kept on site at the campus. Academic files are kept in a file cabinet in the Educators office. Students are not to have access to the educators office unattended. All educators are required to complete the FERPA training packet before being allowed access to student files.  These files must contain the following. a. Written exams, b. Model release forms, c. Practical grading sheets, d. Request for time off form.

Student Financial Aid Files: The information required by the Business office will be maintained in the Business office. The following is the breakdown of information kept at that location. These files are kept in the Business office; access to this office is limited to business office employees. FERPA training must be completed at Business office employee orientation due to the level of access needed to perform job responsibilities.

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Thank you so much for focusing on the business aspect of our industry. The business classes helped me visualize opening my own business. I understand how to form my business and make the leap to a salon owner. Morgan M., student

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