December 27, 2018

5 Beauty Resolutions You Can Keep All Year Long

Whether you’re looking for resolutions to set for the coming year, or you’re giving yourself a fresh start in the middle of summer, there are always ways we can be better to ourselves. Here are five resolutions you can set to become your most beautiful self:

Take Care of Your Smile

take care of your smile

Your smile is the one you get, so you need to take care of it! Brushing twice a day is recommended by dentists around the world, and flossing daily is the habit that most people struggle to keep up with. One study suggests that only half of people surveyed actually brush twice a day, which means there are plenty of people out there who need to step up their oral hygiene! For those who are already smashing their smile goals, you can consider other ways to freshen up your smile, such as adding regular mouthwash use or tongue scraping to your routine.

Stick to Your Skin Care Routine

stick to your skincare routine

Everyone has skin care steps they can make to have happier and healthier skin. Are you neglecting your daily use of sunscreen? Are you going to bed with makeup still on your face? Are you still picking at blemishes and blackheads on your face? Get yourself in gear! Simple things like regular exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration can help your skin stay silky and vibrant. If you have bad skincare habits like letting yourself get sunburned or sleeping with makeup on, you know what you need to do.

Nail The Nails

Everyone has their own style and preferences for their nails. Some of us have an obsession with having stunning, manicured acrylics, and others enjoy having beautiful natural nails. If your nails are suffering because you’re going overboard on the gel manicures, give your nails a break to regain their strength . If you’re someone who wears nothing but naturals, you can incorporate additional cosmetics like cuticle oil to help your nails stay hydrated and happy.

Beautify From The Inside Out

The way you look on the outside is often a reflection of how your body feels on the inside. Find ways to nourish your body to be as healthy as possible. Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose weight, give your skin a glow, or help your body function in peak condition, there are all kinds of food solutions that can help you. Put more of the good stuff into your body and less of the bad stuff to feel and look great!

Get More Beauty Sleep

It’s no secret that they call it “beauty sleep” for a reason. Your body goes into full repair mode while you’re asleep, boosting blood flow to your skin to make repairs and give you a healthy glow. Start skimping on sleep and you know what can happen: your skin starts to appear paler, darker, or less vibrant. Start by going to bed an hour earlier on a consistent basis and you could start seeing a difference right away. Getting enough sleep is as important as what you do with your skincare routine or other beauty routines, so make a habit of getting between seven to nine hours of sleep a night!

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