February 25, 2020

Common Misconceptions About Cosmetology

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5 cosmetology myths

Have you always loved learning about the latest beauty styles? If hair has been your passion, then our cosmetology program could be a great start to your career! Maybe you’ve thought about applying for beauty school before, but you heard something about the industry that held you back from getting started. There are a lot of misconceptions about cosmetology, which is why we wanted to debunk five of the most common ones we hear.

You Don’t Need a Cosmetology License for a Career

If you want to start a professional career doing what you love in the beauty world, then applying at an accredited beauty school is a great first step. As a cosmetologist, you’d be helping clients with a variety of beauty services. Clients who depend on you will expect you to not only know how to perform these techniques but also how to do them safely. That’s why salons require you to receive a cosmetology license before you can begin a career in beauty.

The training requirements vary by state so it’s important that you make sure the cosmetology program you apply for fulfills this first stage of your beauty journey! Only after you become a licensed professional can you offer your creative talents.

The Career Options Will be Limited

While some cosmetologists love working in a salon setting, we know that it’s not for everyone. The good news is that this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth! As beauty trends and techniques continue to develop, there are so many career options that could be available to you. What you decide to pursue will depend on you and what works best for your personality. Here are just some career paths that you could do with a cosmetology license:

You Won’t Make Much Money as a Cosmetologist

People are always going to want a stylist who can give them the latest looks while also incorporating their own unique style. In fact, the job outlook for cosmetologists is expected to grow 8% from 2018 to 2028. With your skills in high demand, the amount you’re able to earn can all depend on how committed you are to learning beauty! As you continue to grow in this field, you may even be interested in working with more clients each week or even eventually owning your own salon! There’s so much that could be available for you to earn more money in this industry with you being in control of how you get there.

School Isn’t for Me

Maybe you tried the traditional four-year college experience and found that it wasn’t right for you. That doesn’t mean that beauty school can’t be in your future! If you’re someone who loves being creative, chances are that sitting in a lecture room having to memorize facts wasn’t something that connected with you.

That’s why learning in a student salon and practicing what you learn on real guests under the direct supervision of licensed professionals can be the practical education that fits you! Plus, learning something you love with people who share your same passion can make a big difference in your education!

You Can’t Afford Beauty School

Although applying for beauty school can offer you a lot of benefits for your future career, we understand that money is a big factor. We believe that anyone who has a passion for beauty should have the chance to pursue an education, which is why we offer financial aid to those who qualify! Contact us to learn more about our options and see what could be available for you.

Apply for Your Future With Us

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the most common misconceptions about the cosmetology world, we think you’re ready to start the application process. Contact us if you have any questions about our cosmetology program, how to get started or anything else. We can’t wait to help you begin your beauty journey!

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