March 16, 2018

Cosmetology Personality Traits

Are you trying to decide if cosmetology is the right career for you? Here’s a compilation the 5 most common personality traits we see in happy and successful cosmetologists:

  1. Passion for people
    • You will probably love working in the beauty industry if you enjoy being around a diverse group of people, making an impact on others’ lives.
  2. Creative talent
    • Having an artistic eye can help cosmetologists provide outstanding hairstyles and looks!
  3. Hands-on worker
    • If you enjoy being physically busy and creating things with your hands, cosmetology is the right pick for you!
  4. Listening skills
    • Good listeners can be naturally talented cosmetologists because they can give the client exactly what they want!
  5. Adaptive
    • Good hairstylists are skilled at personalizing their services to match the needs of their client at all times. One size does not fit all!

Why Do Cosmetologists Love Their Job?

If you talk to hairstylists and cosmetologists, most of them will tell you that they love helping people more than anything else. They enjoy putting a smile on their clients’ face, and helping them to express themselves through the way they look. Haircuts may seem like a simple thing, but when they are done well by a stylist who loves what they do, it can really improve how someone feels about themselves! Cosmetologists often do it for the people!

Cosmetologists also love working in beauty because of the freedom and flexibility they can have throughout their careers. Most people think that a beauty education just means you will cut hair the rest of your life, but that’s not necessarily true! Many students will learn cosmetology as a foundation for other goals, such as opening a business, starting a beauty product line, or to become an educator. Your education can help do many things besides become a hair stylist!

Not only can cosmetology allow people to choose what they want to do, but it allows them to do it when they want to. It can be a great education for people who have limited time, family obligations, or are trying to do many things at once! Cosmetologists can find jobs working around their other obligations fairly easily, allowing them to be successful in anything they feel passionately about!

Is Cosmetology Right for Me?

It can be intimidating to make the choice to begin a cosmetology program, especially if you’re not sure it’s the right choice for you. That’s why we invite people to visit the school! Regardless of which school or program you’re looking into, you should always visit and see what the place is all about. You can get a feel for the people, the classes, and the culture of the school before you even enroll. Not only can this help you figure out if cosmetology is right for you, but it can help you decide which beauty school is the right fit for your personality!

Book a Tour at Crave Beauty Academy

If you’ve never visited a beauty school before, now is your chance! We give tours of our campus to anyone who is interested in learning more about what we do at Crave Beauty Academy. Book a tour with us today to begin the next step on your cosmetology journey!

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