November 21, 2018

Crave Beauty Academy Students Win Nuts & Bolts Competition

At Crave Beauty Academy, we are always striving to find more ways to help our students get involved with the national beauty community. This can include getting involved with community service projects, charity events, and even competitions. Recently, two of our students placed in the Flash Competition hosted by Nuts & Bolts Training. This is a big deal because it shows our students playing on a bigger stage and earning a name for themselves before they’ve even graduated from their program!

What is Nuts & Bolts?

Nuts & Bolts Training is a business that provides business training for beauty professionals. The education is designed to help students learn to market themselves and look at ways they can expand their business opportunities. These business skills are important because not every student knows how to sell themselves and their services, so giving a basic foundation can give them the edge they need to be successful. Both cosmetology and esthetics programs at Crave Beauty Academy offer Nuts & Bolts training to students as part of their curriculum.

What is The Flash Competition?

The Flash Competition is hosted by Nuts & Bolts, and the competition itself was based on the number of services performed in the month of September. Each Nuts & Bolts School Director submitted one student each from our cosmetology and esthetics programs to represent the school. Nuts & Bolts then compared each school’s submissions and the top three in each program across the nation were announced. Cash prizes for each winner were also announced, and any first place winners were invited to continue on to the national competition.

Who Won The Flash Competition?

We were excited to learn that two of the students at Crave Beauty Academy placed in the competition! Courtney Prestia placed 2nd in esthetics and Cristine Jones placed 3rd in cosmetology. This means that of all of the many cosmetology and esthetics students across country, Courtney and Cristine were in the top three most productive for their respective programs! Courtney received a $300 cash award from NAB for completing 45 esthetics services, and Cristine received $200 for her impressive 96 services.

Join The Competition!

The easiest way for you to get involved is to dive right in and get started in a Crave Beauty Academy program! Our cosmetology and esthetics courses both offer business training through Nuts & Bolts, so you have the opportunity to compete while you’re with Crave Beauty Academy. Nuts & Bolts holds competitions like this on a monthly basis, which can allow students to always find opportunities to improve themselves and work hard. If you’re interested in getting started in a cosmetology or esthetics program with Crave Beauty Academy, contact us today!

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