May 7, 2018

Crave is All About Community

Crave Beauty Academy stands out because it is an active part of the community. We strive to set the example for our students on how to be charitable members of the community! We don’t just teach beauty, we teach service and selflessness to our students so they can change lives. Involvement in community efforts just comes with being a part of Crave!

Teaching Students to Help Others

We teach the students at Crave that helping others is just a part of the beauty industry. We host fundraising and charity events every year to help the people in our community and people throughout the nation. One of our biggest events is the annual Cut-a-Thon, the proceeds of which are donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This is just one of many ways that Crave goes above and beyond to make a lasting impact on the world!

Advocates for Those in Need

For some clients, their cosmetologist isn’t just someone who cuts hair, but they are also someone that can be trusted. A client may trust a hair stylist or esthetician before anyone else, so our students are prepared to help anyone in their time of need. Our students are taught to identify signs of abuse in the lives of their clients in case they have the opportunity to offer assistance. They are given resources that can be passed on to clients who are finally mustering the courage to tell someone that they need help. It’s a beautiful way that our students can have a lasting and powerful impact on the people they serve!

Playfully Painted Faces

During their time at Crave, our students have the opportunity to get some hands-on experience with members of the community. For example, Ballwin has an annual festival named Ballwin Days. The students go and paint the faces of kids in the community for fun to help enhance the festive spirit!

In addition to that, our students will get involved however they can. In April, for example, our students worked with 7th and 8th graders to do makeup for a theatrical production! Crave Beauty Academy frequently seeks opportunities throughout the year to practice makeup skills and provide those services for groups like this within the community!

Crave Student Ambassadors

Many high schools around the country have student body councils that help give direction to extracurricular activities for the school. Crave Beauty Academy has a similar group of students called the Crave Student Ambassadors who help plan and carry out the events at the school! They’re a critical part of what makes Crave so unique and community-minded. Any of our students are permitted to become student ambassadors if they are willing to accept a higher educational standard. As long as a student has good grades and attendance, they can freely join the student ambassadors!

In recent months, our ambassadors have done incredible things. They raised money for an animal shelter to help a dog that couldn’t be adopted out to a new home. The ambassadors also adopted a homeless U.S. veteran to help raise money for. They’ve helped conduct food drives for the Circle of Concern to help provide food for the homeless. Every Christmas the students get involved with Toys for Tots or adopt families to help provide memorable Christmas experiences for people throughout the community. We’re always impressed with the drive our students have to make the world a better place!

Why Giving Back Matters

The beauty industry is all about helping people look and feel like their best and most beautiful selves. Serving the community takes beauty a step further and allows people to not only look beautiful, but to be beautiful as well! Serving others creates a positive impact not only on the people being served, but also on the people providing service. It helps everyone at Crave Beauty Academy stand out and go above and beyond!

Make a Difference

If you’re interested in making a difference in the world, you can do it before you’ve even graduated from cosmetology school! Our programs in cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology can empower you to help other people and make a positive impact on your community! Contact us for more information on how you can get started on your education today!

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