August 7, 2019

Learn Social Media and Beauty: Crave + Beauty As A Business

Beauty As a Business + Crave

When you enroll in a cosmetology program, you can expect to learn all about cutting techniques, color theory, and hairstyling. Here at Crave Beauty Academy, we also know that it’s equally important to fill your chair with clients in the first place!

Just like graduating from cosmetology school with no knowledge of hair coloring would make someone very unprepared for their career, leaving school without knowing how to attract new clients and market your newfound skills would be a failure of your education. We offer Beauty as a Business (BAAB) social media marketing curriculum because we know how important it is for beauty professionals to grow a book of loyal clients, and we know many people are now finding their stylist using social media like Instagram.

Why We Offer BAAB

We use BAAB curriculum to teach our students the fundamental strategies of social media, an important industry tool. Social media training is not required for your state license, so not every school offers it. However, we know that in this age of Instagram and Facebook, it is essential for beauty professionals to understand how to market themselves on social media and we want to help set our students up for success.

Before social media, stylists worked at a salon because the salon could afford ads and brought in customers. It’s a lot different now! People choose a stylist, not just a salon. More and more stylists say that a majority of their new clients found them on Instagram. As a stylist, your Instagram feed is like an online portfolio and the stories are a personality preview. Think of how many times you or people you know have said they use Instagram to browse hair inspiration, look at stylists’ portfolios, and even book an appointment.

Besides finding new clients, Instagram will also help you stay engaged with current clients, increasing your chances of them rebooking with you. It’s normal to have some open appointment times, but most successful beauty professionals don’t have to worry constantly about booking new clients. They have more time to perform services for clients, learn about the latest techniques and trends, and even just enjoy their downtime.

Stephanie Carter, the cofounder of BAAB says that “If you’re trying to build a book where 75% are repeat clients and 25% are new, the best way to keep people engaged and rebooking is to have a way to interact and stay in front of them when they’re not getting a service.” Posting regularly and interacting with your community on Instagram is a great way to keep your clients coming back.

Social Media Training at Crave

As our students learn about social media and digital marketing in their class curriculum, we also support them with training and events. We’ve held advanced social media classes and we constantly encourage our students to post monthly specials and work on their social media accounts.

We also encourage students to tag our school in their posts and we love featuring them on our Instagram. We are passionate about showing off our talented students and helping them grow on social media!

Learn About Beauty and Business With Us

We know that your career as a cosmetologist is 49% beauty and 51% business, and we’re here to help you get 100% ready. It’s time to learn more about our cosmetology program and your future in the beauty industry! We are ready to answer your questions and get to know you and your goals. Contact us to get started!

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