March 8, 2018

Prom Looks Inspired by the 90s

Picture this: it’s 1999, you’re blasting “Kids In America” and channeling your inner Cher. It’s prom night, and you’re invincible. Your dress is bold and your confidence matches. This will be a night to remember. Now, fast forward to today. It’s 2018, it’s prom night, and you’re blasting “Kids in America” and channeling your inner Cher. That’s right! The 90s are back in fashion. Today we are talking our favorite prom looks inspired by the 90s. Let’s get started.

10 Things I Hate About You

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This movie immediately became a romantic-comedy classic. And while we all like to think we’re a Kat, we all have a little bit of Bianca in us as well. Go for a classic indigo for a more sophisticated look. Or channel your inner Bianca and stop traffic with a color combo and crop top.



Channeling all the Cher might just inspire you to rock a Cher look. Take Cher’s advice on first date looks and rock a little red dress. Wear it with or without statement pieces. It works well with or without a red lip. This is a look that everyone can make amazing!

Glitter, Glitter, and Glitter!


The 90’s introduced glitter, holographic fashion, and tons of silver. We love this look because it looks amazing on all skin tones. There’s no time to be shy when wear a look like this. Not only will you catch the light but you’ll also catch everyone’s eye!

Think Pink


Pink was a staple color in the 90s, and today it is still being rocked from the runway to the streets. What we love so much about this look is it takes “90s pink” and adds another nod to the 90s: The Holographics. Nothing like two trends in one!

Hair Accessories


Hair accessories were huge in the 90s and have risen from the dead. Instead of butterfly clips, (although we see those coming back in no time) it’s all about scrunchies, bandanas, clips, and beads! Adding little details in your hair can take a dull hairstyle and dress it up.

Rock Your 90s Prom Style

It’s safe to say that old fashion will most likely come back for a second round. In this case, the 90s are putting up a good fight and we are loving it. In order to achieve your 90s dream look, visit our student salon! If you love makeup and working with hair, you might consider becoming a cosmetologist! Who knows? You could be helping the next generation rock their prom!

*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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