April 12, 2018

Staff Spotlight: Morgan Waugh

Crave Beauty Academy is full of staff and students with their own unique stories and backgrounds, and Morgan Waugh is no exception! She’s been with Crave for around six years, and makes a huge daily impact on the school and the students in it. She wears many different hats for Crave Beauty Academy, so you’ll likely bump into her all the time!

About Morgan

Morgan’s cosmetology story begins back in 2010. She was 21 and living in the greater Chicago area at the time. She felt like she needed a change of pace and wasn’t sure what to do next. Her sister had enrolled in cosmetology school and it inspired her to look into it herself. Not long after, Morgan had moved to Wichita through a family connection and was quickly enrolled at what would become Crave Beauty Academy! She fell in love with the school and her new profession almost immediately. A year after graduating cosmetology school, Morgan was hired to work at Crave and is now our Talent Development Manager!

Morgan’s Role at Crave Beauty Academy

Morgan loves working at Crave because she has the opportunity to do a little bit of everything. Her main role is to assist with educators and training. She can also fill many other roles in case the need arises. She can cover the front desk, work the salon floor, or even teach a class. She’s a versatile and reliable member of the Crave team!

Morgan’s role as Talent Development Manager can have her running all over the place! She’s responsible for helping our staff and students be the best they can be. If there’s something that needs fixing or improvement, Morgan is there to help!

Why Morgan Loves Crave Beauty Academy

When asked about what she loves about Crave, Morgan told us this:

“What I love about the people that I work with is that we’re all a big family. We’re all close friends. We also hang out outside of work. We have a really great team. It’s not just people I work with, we’re all each other’s support system and teammates.”

She also explains that this family mentality is recognized and passed on to the students at Crave. It’s something Morgan says she is very proud of because students look out for each other and help each other grow. If a student is struggling to learn something, other classmates are often quick to offer a helping hand. The students see how the staff members treat each other, and those students treat each other the same way.

Advice for Future Students

Open your mind not only to new education and hands-on learning, also open your mind to your client’s stories. Open your mind to discovering new things about yourself during your journey. Be prepared to make lifelong friends and family. It happens 100% of the time!

Start at Crave Today

Are you still trying to decide if beauty school is the right step for you? At Crave Beauty Academy, we strive to help people reach for their dreams and love what they do. Contact us to find out more about our programs and how we can help you build a career! If you want to get to know more of the staff at Crave Beauty Academy, visit our blog post on Stacey Peters, our senior director!

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