April 16, 2018

The Best Bronzer for Your Skin Color!

We all know that too much sun exposure can be damaging to our skin, but how are we supposed to get that summer glow without looking like a lobster first? That’s where the magic of bronzer comes in. Using the right bronzer and the correct technique, you can look like a glowing goddess without the sunburn. Here we have some of our favorite bronzers that work for different skin types and the correct technique to get that perfect fake tan.

Bronzer For Fair Skin

For those that have fair skin, we highly suggest staying away from the darker shades. Going from a natural glow to a muddy or streaking nightmare can happen really quick. Finding a bronzer with a peach undertone will bring warmth to your face without making you look orange. This bronzer works beautifully for those that have fair skin. Make sure to use a light hand as to not overdo it.

Bronzer For Olive Skin

Olive skin needs a different colored bronzer than fair skin. Typically olive skin has a warmer undertone to it. Shades of copper will look most natural and will blend effortlessly into your lovely skin. Use the same bronzer on your eyelids as eyeshadow. This will bring your complexion together for a nice warm natural glow.

Bronzer For Deep Skin

Many people with dark skin shy away from bronzer because they don’t know that there are many options out there. There are so many gorgeous bronzers made specifically for those that have rich, dark, and gorgeous skin. A bronzer like this will enhance your cheekbones and make your eyes pop. Focus on the ends of your face such as your temples and cheekbones when applying.

Our Favorite Bronzer Brush

When looking for a brush to create that gorgeous glow, it can be a little overwhelming because there are so many out there of all shapes and sizes! This is one of our favorites. The Hourglass Double-Ended Complexion Brush is aweseome for it’s name. The double end makes everything easier when applying your glow and going a step further and contouring. Bonus: this brush is great for on-the-go.

How To “Bronze”

Despite what some may say, creating a bronzed and natural look is not so difficult. That being said, if you do not use the right techniques and color, you can just as easily be in a bit of an “over-baked” mess. Our first tip is to tread lightly. Just like a haircut, go slow and then build up. Start with a very small amount on your brush. Tap off the excess and lightly apply the color onto your face. Our favorite technique to follow is the “3”. Sweep your color from your temple down to your cheeks bone and blend down your jaw and neck. This follows the shape of the number three. When it doubt think 3.

Passion For Makeup

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