February 26, 2018

Weekend at the Women’s Fair

At Crave Beauty Academy, exciting extracurricular events are just a normal part of what we do! Being active and engaged in the community and industry is important for helping our students be their best. In February we had the privilege of having alumnus Patrick Kilian join us at our women’s fair! The owner of Crave Beauty Academy, Kim McIntosh, attended school at Xenon with Patrick, and now they are both pursuing their dreams in the beauty world! Here we’ll look at a rundown of highlights from the event. Check out our events page to find out about more events coming this year!

A New Direction at the Women’s Fair

At Women’s Fair this year, we went in a completely new direction from anything we’ve ever done before. We wanted to feature alumni from Crave (and Xenon, from before the name change) to show our audience what you can do as an artist! We had salons volunteer their time and skills to us from all over Wichita. The salons that pitched in were Salon Crave, Native ICT, Agave Glow, Bombshell Wax & Lash Bar, Headcase Salon, Java Salon, and Titanium Salon.

The stylists and estheticians all provided quick hairstyling and facial waxing services in exchange for $5 donations. All the proceeds went directly to a local charity named Cricket Alley Ministries (CAM). CAM provides resources and services to local women who have been victims of domestic abuse or need assistance getting back on their feet. CEO of CAM, Larissa Freeman (a Xenon/Crave Alumni!), spent time in our booth spreading the word about what CAM does for our community along with giving excellent fashion advice!

Women’s Fair Event Timeline

Thursday Morning, February 15, 2018:
Kim McIntosh (owner of Crave), Jessy (Associate Director), and Morgan (Talent Development Manager) went on KAKE-TV for a 5 minute LIVE segment on the Morning Show. They discussed current hair trends and what to expect at our booth at Women’s Fair. We talked about the Scandal TV show and Kim told all of Wichita about Patrick Kilian. He’s a Wichita native, Xenon alumnus, and celebrity hairstylist for the show!

Saturday Morning, February 17, 2018:
Kim and Patrick went on the Morning Show for KAKE-TV for another 5 minute segment where Patrick shared a little more info on where you could find him over the weekend’s events. Together Kim and Patrick talked about an autographed script from Scandal Season 7 Episode 1 that went up for a silent auction, where 100% of proceeds went directly to Cricket Alley Ministries!

After the KAKE-TV Morning Show segment, Patrick and Kim went back to the academy where he spoke about how he became a celebrity stylist at the age of 40. He talked about what it’s like to work with a crew of nearly 200 people, which he considers one big family! What was his number one piece of advice for us? DON’T GIVE UP! If you have a big goal, go for it!

Saturday Afternoon, February 17, 2018:
Patrick and Kim hosted our 30 minute stage show on the main stage of the Women’s Fair at Century 2. Three of our educators, Morgan Waugh, Mackenzie Weber, and Scarlett Davis were alongside Patrick and Kim as they created stunning looks in a styling competition against each other. The audience had the opportunity to cheer the loudest to determine the best look, and the winner was Mackenzie Weber!

After the stage show, Patrick joined us at our booth to give people attending the women’s fair an opportunity to ask questions, take pics, and even get autographs! We were so excited to have a “local celebrity” of our very own join us for a weekend of fun!

Join Our Family!

At Crave, beauty isn’t only what we do, it’s who we are! Every member of our staff, students, and community are part of a large family who help one another and create a positive learning environment. Events like the Women’s Fair are just regular opportunities for us to come together and lift each other up! To learn more about how you can fit in with our family, contact us for more information about our cosmetology, esthetics, or nail tech programs!

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