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Professional Partnerships

Our Professional Partnerships

Experience is paramount in any industry. We have been dedicated to the beauty education industry for over 25 years and have just put a new twist on things!

Crave Beauty Academy partners with some of the leading salon and spa professional manufacturers and leaders in our industry. We are dedicated to providing a quality education and as a leading creator of industry techniques and products, Crave’s educational materials are at the top.

Our educators are supported in the classroom by Pivot Point International, The Pacific Institute, Nuts and Bolts Business Training, and Summit Salon Tracking Systems. Additionally we offer successful industry related guest speakers and product knowledge classes, service demonstrations, lectures, and continuing education for our Crave graduates.

Some of our industry partners include…

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I appreciate the team here at Crave Beauty Academy. I’ve wanted to do this all my life and finally have been given the chance. I have achieved way more than I imagined I would, thanks to you and all my educators. Attending Crave was my BEST life choice I’ve ever made! Amanda S., graduate

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