December 2, 2019

Crave Beauty Academy Student Places in Nuts & Bolts Competition

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At Crave Beauty Academy, it’s important to us that students can graduate feeling prepared for whatever area of beauty they want to pursue. That’s why our programs are partnered with several beauty industry professionals like Nuts & Bolts Training! Through the lessons with Nuts & Bolts, students can gain a deeper understanding of the business side of beauty. In today’s world, these skills can be just as important as learning the techniques for your future as a beauty professional.

Gemma, a student at our school, experienced just how much these skills could benefit her! Through her hard work during our program, Gemma won 2nd place in the Flash Competition hosted by Nuts & Bolts Training. Read our blog to find out how Gemma accomplished this incredible achievement!

What is Nuts & Bolts?

Nuts & Bolts Training is one of our partners who specialize in helping students become beauty professionals through teaching business skills. This means that at Crave Beauty Academy, students will study these techniques though a 5-book series written by Jim Yates. Each of these books focuses on a different cornerstone of business to help give students a complete education!

These books start by introducing you to important business skills and gradually add to these by teaching you how you can personally grow as a beauty professional in the business world. Here are the lessons that each book focuses on:

  • Book 1 – Embracing change
  • Book 2 – Retailing
  • Book 3 – Customer service
  • Book 4 & 5 – What to expect in building and growing your business

What is the Flash Service Competition?

The Flash Service Competition is a nationwide event hosted by Nuts & Bolts. The awards are given based on the number of services that one student is able to perform for 1 month. This is an amazing accomplishment for any aspiring beauty student and we are so proud of Gemma for placing in this competition!

How Gemma Prepared for This Award

Gemma placed 2nd place in this competition, which means that out of all the esthetics students in the nation, she performed the second highest number of services! During our program, we’ve seen Gemma completely engage with our Nuts & Bolts Training so she was already gaining skills that could help her win this competition! As we’ve seen her dedication to improve her beauty techniques and give every client the best service she can, we are so glad that she’s being recognized for her skills!

Gemma talking on the phone with Jim Yates

For coming in 2nd place, Gemma had the opportunity to talk on the phone with Jim Yates, the writer of the business building books we use in our curriculum. Along with this, she was also given an award and a cash prize of $300! We are so proud of Gemma and all the hard work she has done that’s led to this award.

Ready to Start Your Future in Beauty?

Are you interested in an education where you can learn skills in both the technical and business sides of beauty? A future at Crave Beauty Academy could be a great option for you! We have multiple programs so you can learn what interests you the most. Through these programs, we have partnerships that can prepare you for exciting opportunities like the Flash Service Competition. Contact us to learn how you can get started.

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