September 12, 2017

What Is the Pivot Point Difference?

The curriculum offered by a beauty school will set it apart from its competitors. At Crave Beauty Academy, we recognize the importance of having an exceptional curriculum. Because of this, we have partnered with Pivot Point International as a Legacy Partner to ensure our students can have an amazing learning experience.

What is Pivot Point International?

Pivot Point develops a very specialized curriculum that is designed to engage beauty school students. Instead of boring chapters and pages of textbook reading, Pivot Point offers students a customized learning experience that makes learning enjoyable.

What Makes Pivot Point Unique?

    • Geography – Pivot Point only partners with one school within a geographic area. Crave Beauty Academy is the exclusive Pivot Point Legacy School in Wichita, Kansas and St. Louis, Missouri. This means that Crave is the only school in these areas that has access to the Complete Pivot Point curriculum.


    • History – There are a variety of curricular programs that beauty schools can use. One thing that makes Pivot Point different is that fact that they’ve been creating learning materials for the beauty industry since 1962. After more than 50 years they have built a reputation and legacy that is well known and respected in the industry.


    • Focus – Pivot Point develops curriculum exclusively for beauty schools. This means that 100% of their focus is on helping beauty industry students have a great educational experience.


  • Commitment to Quality – Each partner, Pivot Point Member, and Pivot Point Legacy School are all closely looked at. There are certain standards and expectations that have to be met in order to be associated with Pivot Point. This commitment to quality is something that sets the Pivot Point network apart.

pivot point fundamentals graphic

How it Works

Pivot Point offers a variety of different tools to help schools elevate learning.

    • FundamentalsThe Fundamentals portion of the curriculum is how Pivot Point how Pivot Point helps students learn what they need to know without having to dive into wordy texts. Instead, Pivot Point Fundamentals uses modules and presents the information in ways that the student can relate to. Not only is the information relatable and simplified, but it’s fun and relevant.


    • LABTechnology has changed the way that students learn. Information is now more accessible and communication is instant with the tap of a finger. Many educational institutions are struggling to keep up with the amazing technological advancements. Pivot Point is ahead of the curve with their Learn About Beauty (LAB) platform. The LAB uses technology to connect students to important information about the beauty industry in a way that is convenient and fun. Because The LAB is available 24/7, students are able to learn about beauty when it is most convenient for them. The LAB also makes learning fun with games and interactions. You can connect with classmates and educators as well to ask questions or share valuable learning experiences.


  • SalonabilityThe Pivot Point Salonability program offers learning materials to help students learn specific techniques. Salonability helps students learn about cutting and styling hair in a hands on, interactive way.

With access to the Pivot Point Fundamentals, Salonability, and The LAB, Crave is able to help students learn in way that is exciting, fresh, and dynamic.

Having FUN

You are probably thinking about building a career in the beauty industry because you want a job that you love. You don’t want to work at a humdrum job where you do the same thing over and over again. At Crave we have found that many of our students are looking for a job that is exciting and fun. Why can’t your time in school be fun too? At Crave Beauty Academy it can be!

Start Now

If you’re ready to begin an exciting education in beauty, contact us. You can also book a tour of our campus and ask us about the Pivot Point difference. We can’t wait to help you take the first step to building a career in an industry that you love.

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