February 1, 2021

A Year in Beauty

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We all know that 2020 was a crazy year that no one was expecting. Now with the new year finally here, we wanted to take some time to look back on some blogs we wrote last year to recap the lessons we learned. If you’re thinking about starting off 2021 right, then these blogs can be the perfect guide as you begin the application process!

Beauty Professionals are In Demand

Beauty professionals have always been in demand! After all, changing your hairstyle can be a big commitment so most people only trust licensed cosmetologists with an education to give them intricate haircuts and colors. And as quarantine first hit and salons closed, we saw just how much people rely on their beauty professionals. Read our blog to learn what else besides technical skills sets beauty professionals apart!

Tips for Starting Beauty School

Are you thinking about starting the application process for beauty school? It’s a big step for your future career so there are a lot of things you can do to get ready. That’s why with 2020 already being overwhelming, we decided to make this list of easy tips you can do to work toward your goal of applying for our cosmetology program. These tips still apply in 2021 and are great for anyone who’s not sure where they should go next in their beauty school journey.

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How to Prepare for Your Beauty School Tour

One of our first tips to starting beauty school is scheduling a tour at one of our beauty school campuses. This is an important part of your beauty education so we decided to turn it into its own blog to help you prepare for this exciting step. From going over which questions you should ask to listing out things you should bring on your tour, we cover everything you need to know! Read our blog for a detailed guide!

Common Misconceptions About Beauty School

Have you ever heard something about beauty school that you weren’t sure was true? Unfortunately, there are a lot of common misconceptions related to the beauty industry like that a beauty license isn’t necessary for a career. In this blog, we go over five of the most common misconceptions and explain why they’re not true through our infographic and video.

How to Clean Your Beauty Supplies

We can’t write a recap blog of 2020 without including this one. With everything that happened last year, many of us understandably became more concerned about hygiene to help keep us and everyone else safe. And that includes your makeup and skincare products that are coming into contact with your skin every day. In our blog, we cover how to wash your makeup brushes, when to replace your tools and products, and more tips to help you become a cleaning pro.

Learn More in 2021

Want to keep finding out more about the beauty industry in 2021? Contact our team today to learn more about our programs and how you can start the application process. We can’t wait to meet you and tell you more about us, potential career opportunities, and more exciting information!

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